Dumb Stuff Podcast

We’re not dumb, we just talk about dumb stuff!

So a rocket scientist, a social worker, an unemployed businessman, a security specialist, and a software manager walk into a bar.  What do they talk about?  This podcast is basically that conversation.

No really, what do we talk about on this podcast?  Well, anything and everything!  Whatever is on our minds!  Is it entertaining?  Well, we can guarantee that this podcast is more fun than a hot poker in the eye!  And we’ll even give you your money back if you’re not 100% completely satisfied!

We’re just a small group of high school friends from Middle America.  We’re separated by several thousand miles but now we’re brought back together thanks to a global pandemic quarantine and a regular Zoom meeting.

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Why Listen

250+ Years of Experience

When you add up all our ages, it makes an impressively large number.

Large numbers are good.

Team of Experts

We're a team.  After all, we've known each other since we were little.  

And we know dumb stuff when we see it.

Potentially Life Saving

Listening to this podcast could literally save your life.  

We suppose it could also get you killed, but let's not focus on the negative.

Success Stories

Your podcast saved my life.  Thank you so much.  I don't even know how I could possibly thank all of you for this wonderful gift that is the Dumb Stuff Podcast.  I want to come to each one of your homes and thank you personally.  

Where do you live?  No P.O. boxes, please.

- Anonymous Listener
Podcasting Team

Kurt is our resident "rocket scientist".  Well, close enough.  He develops software for a government agency that launches rockets and stuff like that.



Friend To Robots          

Mick is our resident "security specialist".  He tries his best to keep money in our hands and out of the hands of criminals.  It's a dirty job, though.



Time Is Money          

Joe is our resident "social worker".  Some would argue that he's actually an anti-social worker, but who are we to judge?  You do you, Joe!



People Person, Maybe      

Frank is our resident "software manager".  He makes sure software geeks get the job done on time and on budget.  It's sort of like herding cats.  But with less scratching.



Software Delivery Boy     

Shane is our resident "unemployed businessman".  He was a successful businessman at some point and we have faith that success will return some day!



Looking For Work      
Story Time!

Remember that time Joe almost didn't survive his trip to the Kirkland Walgreens to pick up his Christmas gift-exchange present from Kurt? Oh, you didn't hear about that? We've chronicled and archived the entire experience to serve as a warning to others.

And also for entertainment purposes.


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- Podcast Team
Listener Testimonials

Wendy says:

Keep them coming! 

Jen says:

I think you are funnier to yourselves than you are to the rest of us.

Rich says:

Riveting nonsense.  

Sally says:

Smart guys talking about dumb stuff.  Delightful!

Dionne says:

Laughed out loud a couple of times.